Strategically located in the City of Broomfield, Colorado, Interlocken is near the geographic center of the United States. From this vantage, Interlocken is equidistant from Europe and the Pacific Rim, enabling companies to complete same business-day telecommunications with trading partners in both these markets. Companies located within Interlocken are also midway between Canada and Mexico.

Denver/Boulder Corridor

Interlocken is located at the midpoint of the Denver/Boulder Corridor, a section of Northwest Metro Denver characterized by a concentration of high-tech corporations, institutions of higher education, research and development laboratories, and some of Colorado's largest and most prestigious employers. There are ten different communities within ten miles of Interlocken and a 20-minute commute.

Interlocken is located directly on the primary highway and mass transit route in the Northwest Denver Metroplex (the Denver-Boulder Turnpike) with two interchanges directly accessing Interlocken. Access to downtown US 36, Denver, Denver International Airport, the north-south Interstate system (I-25) and the east-west Interstate system (I-70) is more convenient than comparable or competitive business parks in Southeast Denver.

Airport Access

With Interlocken, companies have the advantage of a central location with superior access to Denver International Airport (DIA) – the world’s most advanced all-weather airport via the Northwest Parkway (I470). When open in 2004, DIA will be about a 20 minute,uncongested drive from Interlocken. Interlocken is also adjacent to Jefferson County Airport, which houses a U.S. Customs Service facility designed exclusively for small and corporate aircraft.

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